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Monday, October 15, 2007

blogging is fundamental

if you have a blog. and want readers. and like to keep a record of things. good to know.

so to recap, it's been a long time since my last post and many things have happened. i have been to ohio and enjoyed all sorts of horsey activities with friends. my sis and her beau came to visit and we all went to the state fair. mr. sheepish has been traveling all over the place. we've had many more vets trips than i would like, but moe continues to hang in there. summer has been lingering, but fall feels like it might be around the corner. and our shower...well, it's still not finished. i thought maybe we could use it before the end of october, but i think it's going to be thanksgiving.

knitting has happened a little, but not too much. the chevron scarf that i started at the beach is maybe 20 more rows along, although i plan to go work on it the minute i post this. i didn't finish my embossed leaves sock, but i did leave off at the heel. maybe i'll work on that too. i didn't sew up anything that needed it, but i also didn't start anything new. and sadly, i didn't enter anything in the state fair. it was on my new year's resolution list (that i never posted here) and i feel a little disappointed i wasn't able to meet that goal. i really haven't been as organized this year as i usually am.

my sis did bring me some lovely yarn from maine. it's schaefer and the color is jane addams. i have to study up and decide what i might possibly make with something so lovely. it's very squishy and the colors are yummy. it's really the greatest thing to get yarny goodness from a non-knitter. you know they really had to stretch.

so that's all for now. maybe i can post a picture of the yarn soon, but that seems like i might be making a promise i can't keep.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

awww..thanks for the mention. I'm glad you like the yarn.

1:58 PM  

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