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Thursday, September 06, 2007

beach blogging

passed out guyso here we are nearing the end of our beach trip...we've had much fun, even if it included losing at putt putt and having to kiss a grody pirate. many adult beverages have been consumed, as well as cupcakes, brownies, tater chips and other classy beach fare. this is a view from our porch on the first day. we went for an early morning walk and he was there just feet from our house. we named him passed out guy (pog) and he stayed there for several more hours. people walked around him on their way to the beach while we just gawked from the porch. we knew he was alive because he kept moving around.

sock with oceanthere has been knitting. the 2nd sock is coming along, and i started a chevron scarf. the scarf is probably going to take the rest of forever. it's been a long time since i knitted with bamboo needles, and they sure are slow and sticky. i just happened to have them in the right size but when i get home, i might try and get some different ones. i don't know if that would cause any gauge problems but i could always start over. i guess.

i had brought my tofutsies (with crab and shrimp shells) and a free pattern off the swtc website for tidal wave socks. it was to be my themed beach knitting, but i just haven't gotten around to them. there's still a little time to get these started since i have a crop of sun poisoning on my hands and arms...but i really want to finish my other socks. decisions, decisions. i am getting psyched for some fall knitting.walkin with my sweetie


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