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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

holy crap!

it's been more than a month and i haven't written a post. how could that be? i've been thinking about posting, even knitting a little, but it seriously doesn't seem like an entire month has gone by. to distract you from my lack of posting, here's a swatch. i've never actually knit a real swatch, all nice and purty like this. i even blocked it. i'm just like a proud with lamb's ear
naturally work is taking up some time...and spending time at the barn with gracie...we've had some company...and done some springtime chores. could that possibly have used up an entire month?

one thing that did keep me very busy and worried for awhile was our most bestest kitty big moe. he has been diabetic for 4+ years, and in january was diagnosed with an inoperable fibrosarcoma...that's cancer. as any good mom would, i keep a very close eye on the big guy. several weeks ago he was acting sort of funny, so off we went to the vet. after an exam and a blood test and a looooong weekend, moe's vet let us know that he had become un-diabetic. i cannot tell you how crazy that is. it was really really hard to not insulate him (aren't i hi-larious) that first time. the first week we were at the vet every day at the same time just to make certain his glucose was stable. now that that has been established, we have glucose strips that he pees on once or so a week. one day i'll explain how that little science project works...anyway, the news is all good for now. and the un-diabetic-ness has a great name-he's on a honeymoon. i hope it lasts forever.

and there's more...actual knitting content! first off, i bought 2 sets of points and cables of the knit picks options. i had been so curious to try them since bob had recommended them and i see them all over the internet. i thought i could use them to finish my must have cardi neck and button band...and in the meantime i finished the collar on my ribby using the shorter cable. i have to likey. the pointy-ness is what i really like.

peepers is badand here's the only piece of bianca's jacket i've completed so far...a sleeve. but i plan to get busy on this immediately. the sleeve is pictured with peepers. as you can see, she is an enormous knitting help. i had to stop her before she ate the yarn. i guess if you eat needles, it only makes sense to eat yarn too.

jitterbug ankletand these are some socks i just whipped up out of jitterbug. great yarn, quick knit...i made them as anklets, because they already have a recipient and a pair of shoes in mind. more on that later. i will confess i tried to make these toe-up, but ultimately i wasn't sure if i knew what i was doing, and i didn't want them to turn out all wonky.

i'm hoping my blogging/knitting slump is over. i have tons of str to keep me interested. and i think i am ready to try socks with circs or from the toe up. and if i could pick up the pace a little, i would totally start another cardigan of some sort. and i would also procure an entire set of options. and some more yarn. and some new books. and...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so nice to see an entry on my favorite blog. I've been checking your site regularly. Welcome Back!

A knitting fan.

8:38 PM  

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