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Friday, March 09, 2007

meanwhile...back at the ranch

so, it's been three whole weeks. and let me just say...they've been busy ones. i completely underestimated the amount of time i was going to spend just getting dressed for work, not to mention being there and coming home. but, it's all getting easier and i'm getting more organized, so hopefully you'll hear from me much more often.

knitting hasn't disappeared entirely. i am almost finished the world's slowest jaywalker. but only the first half of it. i love the pattern, i had forgotten how much fun it was. and the yarn is turning out to be something i really like too. i wasn't so sure at first...but in good light the colors are really appealing. in dim bedroom light, i get a '70's vibe i am not entirely comfortable with. too much like my childhood. curtains my mother swore she would dress us in later (picture gone with the wind or sound of music circa 1976)

i also have done some stash enhancement. i have a bunch of socks that rock to show well as some on sale yarn that is yet to come. a little worried about this purchase. it's for this cardi and it's the actual yarn called for. it's being discontinued and i got enough for an entire sweater for $36 + shipping. and it's silk. i've never touched it nor seen the color, that's my worry..

and the new knitty is up. i have barely had time to really study it or read the articles. but i have to confess, i love tahoe. honestly. i love it and will spend whatever free time i have this weekend trying to find yarn to make it. also, now that cara has embarked on the katherine hepburn cardi, i am thinking i love it too. i'm not a stalker, i'm just not very original and cables are my favorite. learning to cable without a needle was on my (nonexistent) new year's resolution list. i could probably finish it in time to wear, oh, roughly 3 springs from now.

i missed blogging. and i promise to be more together. i am going to post pics tomorrow of my sock. it has an extra stitch in it and i have decided to put it aside for a minute and start some cute springy short socks to go with my chucks. surely one stitch doesn't make a huge difference. i don't know where it came from. can't i just knit it together and never look back? i am sooooooo undecisive. and worried. and a direction follower, to the tee. they probably make medication for that. anyway, enough rambling and pics tomorrow. i swear.

my hat's off to all you who work, knit and do so much more. it's truly amazing.


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