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Sunday, June 08, 2008

tractors are cool

ohmygodiamdrivingatractor!i was in canada just a week or so ago to celebrate the recent nuptials of my sis and her canadian husband. a good time was had by all. but i, mostly likely had the best time. not only was everyone super nice but they even let me operate their fancy farm equipment. crazy. fun. that's me. right there in the cab of that fancy john deere. seriously.

yummy, ehalso my sis, her hubbie, and friend humored me with a trip to the local yarn store. cute shop with all sort of goodies. i made purchases of the canadian yarn variety, my first koigu ever. the clerk was nice and when i apologized for the behavior of my non-knitting companions she laughed and said, "some people just don't get it." true true. but they got it enough to let me go. i did catch a bit of grief later, but it was totally worth it.

in further canadian news, i'll be headed to montreal later this month for work. so there is the possibility of even more canadian yarn shopping in my future. in fact, i should do some research.

i have some knitting to show, but i'll save that for another post. don't want to overdo it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

la la la loksins

lovely loksinsyay! finished socks. and i love love love them. great pattern, so well written. the only change i would potentially make is the heel. something a little better fitting for me. the yarn, louet gems, ended up growing on me. i'm curious to see how it washes and holds up.

in further knitting news, i have made a commitment to finish my current projects. pinky swear. i have 1 jaywalker and 1 hedgerow to complete before any more socks can start. and i have to finish my sweaters and kilim gloves before any other bigger projects commence. it really isn't that much. i don' t think so anyway. to be honest, i haven't actually done an inspection. but this is my promise, which based on past history is actually worth nothing.

boxy update: she's still in the same general area. she was in her same cave up until yesterday, but i think i am annoying her, so she moved. only about 2 feet away into another little cave. i am trying my hardest not to disturb her, but i want to make sure she's alright. big shout out to rb who sent me the link for figuring out her sex. i did not try. to me, she's a girl and that's that. i've never actually even touched her. boxy is cool.

blurry upclose detail

Saturday, April 12, 2008

teeny tiny sock

i think the toe of this looks funny, and possibly a little short for the proportion, otherwise very cute even though it made me say a bunch of swear words because it was so fiddly.

it was a gift for a bridal shower at work where all we were to bring was advice. my advice was to take up sock knitting. good advice, if i do say so myself. if i had time i might have tried for a better toe.

i think woody would probably appreciate a pair for himself.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

turtle time

this cutest turtle has taken up residence in the corner of our backyard. today is day 6. i've named him boxy and i want him (or her) to stay forever. today (s)he was parked face in and all that was sticking out was her or his tail. cynthia suggests i knit a turtle cozy.

Monday, March 31, 2008

i had a dream

last night. i dreamed that i knit michael stipe a pair of socks. i woke up this morning wondering what his favorite color is and what size his feet are. i have a problem. but i am excited about accelerate. release tomorrow!!!

napa and san fran were glorious. weather was great, wine was tasty and plentiful and there was the perfect mix of relaxation and activities. even some knitting was done. some lonely items even have mates. and in touristy news, we rode a tandem across the golden gate. that was crazy.

terrific way to kick off the next 10 years.

big shout out to my sis and her sweetie who are tying the knot sometime today.

Friday, March 21, 2008

one of everything

2.75 socks and 1 fetching. we are leaving at the crack of ding dong tomorrow for napa, so i'll have plenty of air and airport time to finish all these lonely onesies. the fetching is first on my plate because i think i can get a little wear out of them when we arrive, depending on the weather. more likely in san fran rather than napa.
so cheers to us for 10 whole years!

Monday, March 03, 2008

the original schmoo

goodbye, moe.