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Thursday, May 24, 2007

i heart long weekends

i am practically giddy with excitement for the long weekend. we are going to tampa for a friend's wedding. which is fun in itself...but we're staying on the beach. and we come back early on monday, so we'll still have time to do some regular weekend things. and then, even better, a short week. woo hoo!

not a picture of the 2nd sleevei have been knitting a little. i am liking bianca's jacket a little more. i am to the decreases for the second sleeve. i think next i'll start the back, then work my way to the two fronts. but that's next week's knitting.

brought to you by the color pink. and purplefor this week's excitement i purchased some new sock yarn. the more solid purple is panda wool by crystal palace yarns and is a bamboo, wool and nylon blend. it is soft and i really like the subtle lighter and darker purples, as well as the greens. it's called violets and i can't wait to try it. the other is shepherd sock in colorway 205-irving park. i have knit with shepherd sock before and have to admit, it's one of my favorites, so i am looking forward to it as well.i have a little bit of airport and plane time which is usually pretty good for my sock knitting. we'll see what happens! two patterns i am really liking lately are monkey of knitty fame and the embossed leaves from the interweave favorite socks book. not sure if these yarns and these patterns like each other, but maybe.

june is shaping up to be a fun month with a good bit of travel. maybe that's going to help my knitting, but doubtfully my blogging. unless i start doing it at work. (just kidding, work people). sort of. actually i am positive no work people even know this blog exists because i have never mentioned it. and i have a pretty limited readership. plus i keep this very very tame. oh my god. this blog might be boring. i'll ponder that over my weekend while i am sitting on the beach watching the sun move. and don't worry i am wearing sunscreen.


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