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Friday, March 16, 2007

i lied

so sue me. but here are the pics i promised for last saturday, plus a few extra for good measure. i have done no knitting at all since the sock was photographed, so i can't report it finished. i am going on a business trip this week, so i am counting on some airport time to make things happen.
jay trekking here is the progress shot of what i like to call jay trekking. i am ashamed to say i am still on the first sock and it is taking me forever. is it a slump? is it spring? is it this whole job thing? don't know, but i am going to finish it sometime soon. i hope. because look at all this socky goodness just begging me to hurry up.

i have all this yummy socks that rock...and yet another trekking...
trekking 110
spring rocksgolly galli
and this is the muench sir galli that i got on sale and plan to make bianca's jacket from ik-fall '06. i am surprised i like it so much. it's 100% silk and sort of a marled khaki color. i think it's going to be really cute. i want to get started asap. maybe i can squeeze in a swatch on my trip while working on my sock. we'll see.

more soon. i promise. although you know i can't be trusted.


Blogger Amber said...

I love the color of the jaywalkers!

2:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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