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Saturday, August 25, 2007


these monkeys rockand i mean it when i say this. i plan to update regularly. i swear. seriously. really and truly. like any good blogger would. if i am knitting, i should be blogging. how else will i be able to prove how i spend my time? clearly it's just a fraction of my time or i wouldn't have so many ufo's hanging around.

soyliciousin my blogging absence i have managed to complete 2 more socks. so i am only lacking 1 to have 2 complete pairs, and to avoid 2nd pair sss, it's already been cast on. i like the monkeys with the picot edge, but i like the embossed leaves too. i already have much more new and old sock yarn in the wings...only i haven't committed to any other patterns. i do want to make some knee socks, so that's a possibility.

looks like yarn barfin long ongoing finishing news, i have this big pile of yarn barf that is supposed to be a kid's jacket. this belongs to my knitting schmoo sonya. somehow i got tricked into bringing it home and am supposed to finish it. it shouldn't be hard, i just keep ignoring it. everytime i look at those giant glittery circular needles i have to laugh. they're as big as turkey basters. it was a relatively quick knit for her, but it's taken forever for the 2 of us to finish. the intended recipient is surely too big now.

must have cardi...still not finished
and i am also ignoring this. my plan is to enter it in the state fair, and the deadline is 9/17. that way, it has to get finished, right? i really like how it came out, but i think it looks short (and i'm short) and over time, the color has grown on me less. it's sort of terra cotta orange. anyway, we'll see if it makes it to the fair.

back and sleevesmy bianca's jacket is a little further along than this. this shows the back and 2 sleeves on one needle, waiting for the fronts to be added. then you work back and forth on the yoke. the right front is nearly done and hasn't taken any time at all. i am keeping my fingers crossed that it isn't too difficult to finish because it's cute and i really don't want it to linger for a year or (many) other things.

there isn't much in the way of news to report. august has been brutal here in the south. i haven't been able to ride my horse much because of the heat. and it's just no fun to walk or ride bikes. i've been spending alot of time inside eating brownies. bad. bad. bad. we're headed to the beach for a week over labor day. i hope to do some knitting there. my sis and her beau will be with us, as well as dear old friends. promises to be a big time and i have been counting the days.

schmitty moe
in my next post, which might even be tomorrow (crazy, i know), i want to write a little bit about some projects i have seen that i am interested in. i've been spending some time on ravelry just looking around, drooling. man, there really are some amazing knitters doing some amazing things. i haven't even managed to post's on my list.

dinner with friends tonight, early ride in the am, then knit and chores and possibly post. then the saddest part of the weekend. the end.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see a new post at Sheepish. Your loyal readers are thrilled. Nice pic of Moe.

2:10 PM  
Blogger John said...

Don't keep promises you can't keep.

4:58 PM  

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