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Thursday, April 05, 2007

spring has sprung

and my poor little blog is just wasting away. it's sad. i'm having a little bit of a time juggling everything. and the longer (warmer) days are luring me away. i loiter extra at the barn, dawdle around the yard and dine at restaurants with outdoor seating. i love this time of year. fortunately for me, i don't really have any problems with the pollen we experience here in nc this time of year. and trust me, it is an experience.

there has been knitting. i finished my one jay trekker sock and started the mate, it's moving along slowly but nicely. and i am working on the first sleeve of bianca's jacket. i didn't speed knit through the entire project, i started with the first sleeve. and i'm liking it. i knit a real swatch for this project which nearly never happens. even the one i did for ribby was very half-assed. but this one is lovely and blocked and says i knit exactly to gauge. if that turns out to be the case i might block this a tad larger than the size i am making. it should fit...but the sizes had crazy jumps between them. i am making 38 and i think the next size was something like 46. maybe not, but that's how i am remembering it. so if i decide i want it a tad relaxed i am just going to block the snot out of it. if that's even possible with silk.

work is going fine. i am getting it, i think. they are super serious about the 90 day review, so who knows...i may be back on the streets in may. but i hope not. i am mostly used to the commute except on fridays. it takes me over an hour when on every other day i can make it in 30 minutes. and the people that are racing down i-40 on fridays are pretty much all insane. except me.

i plan to knit and chill this weekend, so hold on to your easter bonnets, there maybe an extra post. with pictures even. can you stand it?


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