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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

long lost me

so...long time, no blogging. i won't bore you with any excuses...but here i am.

monkey see, monkey dobamboo!there has been knitting. it may not look like much, but it's better than no knitting at all. right?? and i am feeling major inspiration coming on. check out this bianca's jacket. why wouldn't i want to finish mine??
sock stashy goodnessonly sock yarn has been added to the stash, so that barely even counts. the pink yarn is tofutsies. i am curious to knit with this as it looks so thin. the other is sockatta. and mainly i just liked the colors. seems like all i can completely commit to is socks anyway.

and an enormously cool thing that finally happened was i got my invitiation to ravelry. maybe that's helping me get back into the knitting swing of things. you just can't believe all the projects and yarn and ravellers. i spend so much time surfing around and drooling i have barely gotten my profile filled out. it's an amazing amount of information all in one place.

in case you hadn't heard, it's been hot as hell in north carolina and i've been hanging out inside. usually the heat doesn't bother me, but i managed to get poison ivy and it's much happier in the a/c. it's slowly getting better, but there were a few days where it was looking very ick.

still some more traveling left to do this summer--trip to charleston in a couple of weeks...beach for a week over labor albany classic late in september. and plenty of time in between to knit knit knit!


Blogger JMahorney said...

Your Sheepish Knitting Banner is Awesome. I love it. Oh, and I love horses.

-Jeff "Art Monkey" Mahorney

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