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Thursday, February 02, 2006

spinning is cool

i guess plenty of folks already knew that, but i did not. now i know. i didn't take a single picture of britta actually spinning because i was completely mesmerized. i must have said "how cool" a thousand times. atleast. the other thing that was so striking to me was that she was very free form and had learned what she knew by jumping right in. i am so instruction and list oriented, i don't know that i could actually let myself do it that way. her yarn was so funky and free form, her knitting the same way. i really need to loosen up.

pldiei actually own a spinning wheel. it is something that has been in our family for as long as i can remember. my mom generously gifted it to me at some point. i took a long look at it, and i'm just not sure if it is even able to be put in working order. it is missing the piece where i think the bobbin goes and also i notice in other wheels of this style there is a connector from the treadle to the handle on the wheel. mine is simply connected with a piece of leather. i have read on the internet where sometimes it is just better to let antiques be antiques although i do think it would be cool to work with something so connected to my family. so, hmmm.

yummyand because i didn't know what to do, i bought this. i am swearing to myself i won't touch it until after the olympics, but i am not sure i can do that. i was considering having some sort of injury or steroid problem that might keep me from competing. that wouldn't be the same as quitting, would it? as the time draws nearer i am more and more concerned about my ability to compete...i do want to put some buttons on my sidebar, though. and dh would be so disappointed. can't let the fan down.

quick update on projects--must have cardi remains in limbo, and jaywalker is heading for the heel. i plan to finish it this weekend. i have some car time and some homework i can put off. also some good free time this evening. i am going to finish before opening ceremonies. i swear.

and that's all i got.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must participate in the Olympics. I will cheer you on all the way.


10:01 PM  

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