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Saturday, January 14, 2006

vogue knitting & my knitting

i got my new vogue knitting in the mail today! i haven't had time to do much other than just quickly flip through, and i did see one thing (atleast) that caught my eye. it was a really pretty cabled cardigan by anna sui (pg 78) in a fuzzy mohair yarn. that just spells trouble...on closer inspection i am sure i won't need to make it, but it's good eye candy. maybe i could just settle for the scarf. i also liked the michael kors turtleneck and jacket on the facing page. hmmm. and the cropped v-neck (pg 61), but i would never ever wear anything cropped. but it's cute, maybe longer? i don't mind that it's fitted.

my jaywalker is coming along just fine. i predict the first sock will be finshed tomorrow. i am done with the gussets and the decreases. this is my fourth pair of socks and i have to say, i really don't know that i do the picking up of the stitches properly. one day i would like to see how someone else does it just to make certain. however, the way i do it seems to hold up and isn't bulky or weird so i guess it's fine. i am worried however that these puppies are going to be snug. so when i make these again, to make them just slightly bigger would i do the larger size with the same us 1 needles or would i do the smaller size and use us2's. i think i'll pose that question to cara since she has alot of jaywalker experience. her newest one's are super cute and remind me of cotton candy.

can you believe all the gorgeous jaywalkers out there??? i'm mesmerized.


Blogger Cindy said...

How refreshing to read a knitting blog about knitting. You are doing a great job, adn I love the zipper less sweater adn your socks. size 2's kill me, I feel crippled when i am done!

7:59 AM  

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