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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

not much knitting

i have nearly finished the flower washcloth and will post a picture of that before i head out of town. but besides that, i haven't had much knitting time. boo. probably no jaywalker progress until i get back. i was so hoping to have a second sock started. i don't want to let cara down!

on a happy note, while i am in columbia, i will have the privelege of seeing someone spin in person. i have never seen someone actually spin and i am so curious and interested. it's on my new year's list to learn, so i consider this a good first step. the woman who will be demonstrating is britta and i was gifted some of her gorgeous yarn from my schmoo in columbia.

i also signed up for the knit olympics. i have the vague feeling i might be in over my head...but what the heck. i ordered a mitten kit and still need to get some needles, which means a trip to my LYS. i honestly don't like them that much and it's nearly a guarantee they won't have the sizes i need, so i may just order online. it's just that it's been a while since i actually fondled some yarn.

knit on!


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