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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

i was wrong

well, not like that's the first time or anything. so, i didn't finish my sock as i intended. i had such a long break between last semester and this one, that i forgot all about this pesky thing called homework. it is really getting in the way of my knitting time. i really hate that.

jaywalker progresshere's the progress for my first sock. i have about two inches to go before the toe decreases, then i am home free. i am already planning my second pair. i have some vesper in the stash which i plan to use. or maybe the opal called fish. i am going to use the picot cast on because it is super cute and i think i am upping to size us 2's. if i am not mistaken, this should make my socks a little bigger and that's all the bigger they need to be.

i have cast on for the back of my everyday cardi, and started on the ribbing. it's only 10 rows total of ribbing, so no need for a visual here. i am excited to see how this looks when the cables really get going. i have the pattern memorized, so i am hoping this will be pretty quick. it's fun and it's a great change from the toothpick sock needles.

also i would like to make mention that i got my first comment from someone who is not related to me. yipppppeee! thanks cindy. i'm thrilled to know someone has noticed me. my most faithful commenter is my sister (she's posted twice) and i would like to thank her for being my bestest sister ever. awww.



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