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Sunday, January 08, 2006

second verse...

same as first. i am nearly finished the other front of the cardi. no need to post the identical but opposite side. although on my last cardi i did knit exactly identical fronts. ummm. that was a problem. i have been searching for my longer needles that apparently don't exist for the back, so i guess i'll order some and while i am waiting i'll work on the sleeves. i am shocked how fast this is going for me. i am a pretty slow knitter.
also, i am casting on for jawalkers tonight or tomorrow. i can't restrain myself. and i don't mind having multiple projects so long as they are sort of one of everything. something big, something little, something easy, something fine gauge, you get the picture. i say i don't mind. i don't, as long as i finish.
'nuf said.


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