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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

i resolve...

as i mentioned before, i love to make resolutions. or lists of any kind, for that matter. so after much deliberation i have come up with the following goals, in no particular order-
  • stash reduction-3 sweaters-one is the must have currently on my needles.
  • learn a different sock pattern-jaywalker?
  • knit something(s) for charity
  • make 24 mice using scraps for kitty gifts christmas 2006
  • learn how to make a pair of gloves
  • make fingerless gloves for me
  • 4 umbilical cord hats from stitch 'n bitch
  • make something worthy from the beautiful handspun from sonya
  • really work on my finishing techniques cause they suck
  • new stitches in the form of washcloths (boring but useful)
  • something felted (maybe a buttonhole bag or 2)
  • blog regularly
  • learn to spin

whew! what do you think? it seems like a lot, but i think it's doable. what i am worried about is all the other resolutions i made. i won't bore you with the details, but there are about 15 more and the potential to add more if i get inspired. i just love a new year with all it's possibilities.

the color is paprikahere is the progress on my must have. it's a front panel. not too shabby, and actually really fun and pretty quick to knit. it still looks small, and this is the largest size. i am going to start on a sleeve or the other front, as i might need longer needles for the back. i'll start that this evening.

off to grocery shop and ride my horse.


Anonymous muvie said...

Nice list of resolutions. Good luck with them all!! Love the sweater. Can't wait to see the mice.

10:36 PM  

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