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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

flower power

groovyhere it is! pretty cute, but what a pain with all those silly ends. and i have to say i am not a huge fan of chenille. but there is enough for one more of these, and i will eventually get to it. it's a cute gift i think. and it matches the soap.

76 stitchesand this picture here shows that indeed i have started my second jaywalker. impressed? it's a humble start, but i'm ready to get going on it. i am going to use this sock for my training for the olympics. we'll see just how much i can procrastinate on everything else except knitting for the next while. should make school more interesting.

for my big columbia getaway, our spinning demo is confirmed and we have a s-n-b (am i allowed to say that?) set up following where i will teach my friend bob to knit. he will be my 3rd victim. i'm excited for him to learn and since he and sonya are both in columbia, they'll have each other to knit with. i'm sort of a loner here in nc, but i read loads of blogs, so that keeps me somewhat socialized. if not slightly too attached to my computer.


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