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Thursday, January 19, 2006

best toe ever!!

so, as you can see, my first jaywalker is finished, and it has my best kitchenered toe ever. slightly squarer than i would like, but the seam is just perfect. i am so proud of me. finally i am getting the hang of this crazy stitch.

i am going to take a small break from our regularly scheduled projects to make a flower washcloth from weekend knits for a dear friend of mine in columbia who is turning 40 (eek)! i have the cutest bar of handmade soap from nc that's yellow, and i have a ball of yellow chenille. serendipitous, no? i'll be certain to take a pic, because the soap is darling, and hopefully the washcloth will be too. i made one for my mom last year or so, and i remember it going very fast (ohhh...weekend knits, i get it). so picture by monday. unless i am wrong. again. i also plan to start the second sock and establish the cable on my cardi. busy busy.

and, i mentioned to my husband about the knit olympics. and for some crazy reason he has gone crazy about me signing up and getting a gold medal. weird, but true. it's a great deal of pressure for someone who is a slow knitter. if, and only if, i were to sign up, i would probably make a pair of the super cool norwegian style mittens from adrian at hello yarn. i haven't ever done anything like that, and they seem small enough i might could finish. i don't think dh could take the agony of defeat, if you know what i mean.


Anonymous Cara said...

Great sock! Sorry I missed you in the updates - if you don't get it online by 8PM EST, I can't guarantee I'll get back to it. I start checking all of the blogs (yes I go through every one) earlier in the day. By 10PM I'm usually sick of being on the computer.

Did you cast on for the second? GO! Cast on for the second!

Oh and I'm totally doing the mittens over at hello yarn for my Olympic entry. I've never done fair isle, but like you, I think it will be doable.

5:21 PM  

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