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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

i'm jaywalkin'

it's official. i gave in to the siren song that is jaywalker.
i also joined a KAL over at january one. crazy, because i am not much of a joiner...but what the heck. so i am a couple of inches in and i see one mistake, but i am going to let it go. knitting on these teeny needles makes me a little more accepting. i really like this pattern, but the double decrease is just a bit fiddly. i mess it up atleast once every round. and when i first started i wasn't even sure it was right. i'm still not positive, maybe i missed something? i am excited about this pattern though and already have planned 3 more pairs with yarn from the stash.

my must have is doing ok. i finished both fronts so i consider that good progress. as soon as i get my longer needles i'll start the back. holding off on the sleeves because i really wanted to start on the socks and this way they can have my undivided attention.

one thing that has me completely excited is that sonya, my best schmoo friend from columbia and i have planned a knitty retreat for just the two of us in february. we rented a really cute place in wilmington and plan to spend the weekend knitting, drinking and eating. should be a blast. also i am going to columbia where another schmoo friend of mine has requested knitting lessons! i am so excited to get bob started and i know he will be a superstar!


Anonymous muvie said...

why haven't I ever been mentioned? I'm only your sister.

7:41 PM  

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