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Friday, December 23, 2005

one down, one to go

one ladybug sock no second sock syndrome here! i finished this first one yesterday, and am casting on for the second one when i finish posting. i should finish these by the time christmas is over, because we have some car time coming up!
i was disappointed with the yarn. i was looking forward to trying opal because i had never used it before, but compared to my lion brand magic stripes or my knitpicks simple stripes in snapdragon, it wasn't as good of quality. there were no less than 3 places where the yarn was nearly cut, one place where it was cut all the way and one where it was knotted. so i had tons of ends to weave in. one of the reasons i like socks is because of the limited finishing. i guess i should wait and see how they wear before i say specifically i don't like the yarn. although, i hope to have less ends on the second sock.
i am going to wind my handspun into a ball tonight so i can have that as a road knitting project as well. i don't have anything specific in mind other than a thin, long scarf. i was thinking of one where every other row is dropped, but i'm not sure.

happy whatever you celebrate!


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