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Friday, December 30, 2005

two socks are better than one

no doubt! both opal ladybug socks are finished and on my feet. yay! they are pretty cute. not identical twins, but very close. the second sock didn't have the same problems with the breaking threads, so much less finishing, which is always good. the toes really are the most different part. next pair is going to be a different pattern.

i restarted the must have cardi in the biggest size. i hope it isn't too big. i am pretty average sized, roughly a 10, but it seemed so small the first (and second) time i started it. anyway, the left side is progessing, maybe by monday i'll have something good to show!

i am working on my new year's resolutions, both for knitting and for everyday. i am a big resolution maker...and i always fall a little short. but that's ok. gives me something to aspire to, right?? so tomorrow, i hope to list projects, techniques, dreams and who knows what else so i can have a reminder throughout 2006. if i really get myself together i'll list all the things i have finished this year too, in case anyone is interested. i know one thing i want to do for certain is to get into the knitting bloggers webring. if i sign up tomorrow i'll be ahead of the resolution game!


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