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Monday, December 05, 2005

fancy math

well, it's been a week, and the only excuse i have is school. it's been keeping me busy. and a freelance project. oh, and those christmas parties that started this weekend. so i haven't done all that much knitting. i did sit down and work some more on the scarf, so i am 4 inches further along. i think i can get it finished by the end of the month. and i finished a repeat in the must-have cardi. i am convinced this sweater is going to be too small for me. i base this on nothing, it's just a feeling.
21 ozs natural colored woolso, about the fancy math i have been doing. i am no good at figuring out how much of this or that yarn will do for a project. i tend to stick with what is suggested if i like it. if not i usually skip the project. not very adventurous, but very safe. well, i have had this very lovely wool languishing in my stash for a really long time. it was originally a part of a kit for a very cute jacket with a colorwork lake and sailboat and apple tree around the hem. or that's how i remember it. at any rate it came with a chart and very limited instructions and i never made it. the name on the kit was north island knits from new haven, maine. or something like that. but no labels on the yarn or anything. so i figured out by the gauge and the scales that i have possibly just barely enough to make another everyday cardi. barely. it's concerning, but i think i am going to live dangerously and try. also, when exams are over i am casting on for mittens and socks. crazy! that should be this weekend. i am on a stash reducing mission!


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