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Sunday, December 11, 2005

knitting fool

lest you think there is no knitting going on around here, just wanted to let it be known i have completed 40 inches of the striped scarf...and plan to finish that asap. at the last minute i decided it would be a gift for one of my dearest friends, lynne. she loves scarves, and i think this one would look cute on her. so i would like to get it in the mail by friday. if possible.

another package i would like to get in the mail is for my best schmoo, sonya. our birthday is on the same day, and it's next week. no rush to get the present in the mail, though, because she is leaving for puerto rico. when i talk to her next she will be lounging in the sun with a cocktail. several years ago i taught her how to knit and she has really done a great job. she has made tons of things. one thing she has never made is socks. and since she travels alot, i thought this would be the perfect thing for her to try. so her giftie is loaded up with everything you need to make socks...vesper sock yarn in neopolitan, some knitpicks self striping sock yarn, double pointed needles, cause that's how i do them and a basic pattern and some websites. then for kicks i also included 3 hanks of knitpicks alpaca cloud and the elizabeth1 lace scarves pattern. i'm just not cut out to be a lace knitter, but i think she could be. and she would wear it, without a doubt.

so knitterly things continue to happen at sheepish. i'm 1 take home exam away from being officially out of school for the semester and once the scarf is done, i plan to knit like crazy (although i sort of am doing that already).


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