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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

sock in progress

siphere is sock 1 of what hopefully will be a quick pair. it's a basic cuff down pattern, in fact the only pattern i have ever used. this is my third pair of socks. the yarn is opal and it's from their rainforest collection. i want to say it's called ladybug. ladybugthis is what the skein looks like. i ordered it online from fiber nooks & crannys. they have tons of opal, and great service to boot! i have a skein of petticoat and fish also from them. maybe more. i try not to look at my stash too closely.

i haven't ripped the must have cardi yet, but i am preparing myself for that. it isn't that i have done so much, it's that i already ripped it once and started back the same size because of a mistake. it feels sort of jinxed, and once i get that feeling, it tends to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

today, aside from riding the only things i really have to do are wrap presents and knit. so i better get to it!


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