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Thursday, December 15, 2005

handspun goodness

yummy lookie what i got! it's handspun and it's gorgeous. it's wool, alpaca, and sparkle from my schmoo in columbia. her package is still sitting on my desk. i need to fix that. i am going to make a scarf for me me me! this beautiful handspun came from dreamlandart. i so want to learn to spin. maybe the next time i go to columbia i can meet her and learn a little about spinning. i have a really old spinning wheel from my great grandmother, or it may be older. i don't know if it could be put in working order...the thing is, i have more than enough hobbies and projects to keep me busy for the rest of eternity. i don't know how i would fit one more in.

to keep you posted on the never-ending scarf. it's nearly done! maybe with extreme concentration, today will be the day. i will definitely take a picture before i send it off. the scarf is the only gift knitting i have on the list. i am not the world's best completer of projects, so it isn't always wise for me to commit to christmas. i do have some finished things like mittens that can be gifts, but they weren't made with anyone in mind.


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