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Sunday, November 27, 2005


well, it's almost over. we've been here and there and pretty much eaten everything in sight. not to mention all the leftovers. we've also slept late, seen lots of family and spent quality time with the kitties. all that being said, you must be is that cabled hoodie. well, by golly, it's all done. except for the zipper. if that counts. i am not qualified to put one in, not to mention i don't have a sewing machine. but never mind that.
overall i would say i am pretty pleased. my finishing techniques leave much to be desired. i especially struggled with getting the hood to fit in properly. and one thing that really has me worried is- i made the large in this sweater, and it fits pretty snuggly. i started the must have cardi from the same pattern book and chose to make the medium. i am thinking of ripping (for a second time) and going with the large. just to be safe.
i did a little bit of knitting on my scarf, but won't post that cause it is boring. same thing, 6 inches longer. wow. and i am trying not to start a new pair of socks. we'll see how that goes.


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