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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

rainy day

i'm not complaining! what i am complaining about is this would be a perfect day to sit home and knit all day long. but, i have school. poor me. it's not that so much, i just hate sitting through the critiques. it's a phototgraphy class. nothing i am particularly talented at (as you may note by my pics) and i don't always find the critiques to be constructive. bleh.
i love these buttons!on a brighter note, my buttons for my everyday cardi are here and i am going to sew them on and model. i'm pretty excited about that. i love the cardi. it's warm, it's purple and it was a snap to knit. i would consider making another. only modification i made was i shortened this one by an inch. i don't think i would do that again. i have some wool from a kit i got a million years ago that just might become the second one. if i can figure out if i have's all unlabeled and in balls. i suppose i could weigh it and do a gauge swatch. maybe i'll do that while i am waiting for the photo store to open. that would be an excellent use of my time.


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