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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

pictures, as promised

must have cardihold on to your hats...i am adding some pictures of some projects in progress. first up we have the second attempt at paton's must have cardigan. i am working on the front left and the color is paprika. i missed every knitalong for this, but another knitter was kind enough to send me her excel charts which really helped me get off to a better start the second time. since it takes me forever to finish anything, i predict this will take ummm, forever.

vesper scarf yarnnext up is a little ribby scarf made from the ever popular vesper sock yarn and supplied by the chicas at kpixie. this is simple and takes no brainpower, which is good because by the time i pick it up, i don't have any left. i am trying to do a little everyday so i can possibly wear it this winter. it should have been socks, but oh well. i have another skein or two that will be. if you can see in the pics it has little white places where the color changes. i wonder if it is supposed to do that? i don't mind it, just wondered.

cabled hoodie piecesand finally, this is a boring pic of the cabled hoodie that needs a zipper and to be sewn together. what a shame to be so close, and yet so far away. i really really would like to finish this because i think i would wear it. stella and i started at the same time and she was finished and wearing hers before i even memorized the pattern. she is my inspiration. so i am thinking possibly, just maybe, if the stars align in a certain way, i can finish it over the tgiving holidays. but don't hold your breath.


Anonymous Benny said...

This is my sweetie's blog. I think she has done a fabulous job on it. Way to go sweetie. Many happen bloggies.

Luv and kisses,

3:36 PM  

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