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Saturday, November 19, 2005

keeping me honest

that's what i plan to use this blog for. i have ordered buttons for the purple every day cardi that is completely finished. soon, i swear i am going to sew up the cabled hoodie. it's all blocked, i just dread dread dread sewing it. and wrestling with the zipper. and then i have the small ribbed scarf i started with vesper sock yarn, tartan, that should have been socks, but i started late at night when i completely messed up my must have cardi. in a fit of frustration i just pulled the whole thing out, so that's waiting to be restarted. with time off coming up, i hope to get all of the above well under control and maybe start some new things. More socks, a shrug, a kitty bed or two...some baby hats to have on hand. who knows what else!
Pics to follow.


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