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Sunday, February 17, 2008

it's a good thing

that noone really expects a post from me but every now and again.
scary foot picfirst, a knitting related injury. on friday i was sitting on the sofa knitting, or possibly ripping, and i tucked my bare foot under me as i like to do. and ouch! an extra pointy us size 0 stuck right in the top of my foot. this picture was taken 2 days later, and while it may not look impressive, i can assure you--it still hurts. upon review, i notice that this picture is really yucky. i think my feet don't look quite that veiny in real life.

in other knitting related news, i have been trying to get some projects going. i have one nearly finished hedgerow in smooshy, lava lipstick on the needles. i made a quick misti alpaca ruffle scarf and i started loksins twice, only to finally admit i should just use smaller needles. so i may restart loksins tonight, or maybe just regroup and start a different sock. i also started and ripped a retro rib in tofutsies. the yarn was so weird, every so often there was a shredded place and i had to keep cutting it. finally i just gave up. all of these have been in project spectrum grouping of fire. i'm not so good at the group things, but so far, i think this is working for me, even if half of the stuff got ripped.

i made a new friend at work (hi cynthia!) which was completely unexpected and totally exciting. why?? because she knits. i noticed she was sporting some lovely hand knit socks on her first day and the rest is history. we've had a knitting date or 2 and i'm sure there will be more. and, my longtime pal amy has decided she needs to knit. she picked up this quirky bunny kit at target and i helped her just a teeny bit and she was off! i expect to see a bunny soon. and she stopped by the lys and purchased yarn. she's well on her way...

so that's all i got for right now. maybe next time i'll show off some of my project spectrum stash. and, is it just me, or does ravelry gobble up sooooooooooooo much time???


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

at first I couldn't tell what body part I was looking at. shy about showing your toes? :) rb

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! I got mentioned!


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