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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


which just figures, because the time just changed...and that's how i always feel. sad because the days are so short, and even here in the south, cold. and happy, because it's a relief from the heat...and also since it means spring is coming.

sad, dentist appointment yesterday where i was supposed to get a crown. happy, no crown needed! and the added bonus of a few free hours with no obligations. i was giddy!

but what does that have to do with knitting. well, i'm sort of at a sad/happy place with that too. the socks i've been working on for awhile, i found a big fat mistake way back. one i don't think i can live with...that equals sad. but happy because, all of a sudden, i feel inspired. i want to make things again. i've been in a total slump, but yesterday while not getting a crown, i made a visit to the kooky lys here. and it was great. i found yarn, i learned how to knit socks on 2 circs, i got the new ik (only so-so). still a red letter day as far as i was concerned.

so, now the big question is, do i just put my sad socks aside and start some happy ones on my new teeny circs? that's what i think. and my new project? well i am all geared up to get that going. it's going to be the colorful kristin nicholas gloves from the winter ik. practically the only think i liked in the enitire mag. and who knows what else will happen...maybe i'll finish some things.

i could give you some more sad/happy, but i think you get the picture. oh, and pics tomorrow. stash, messed up sock, scarf progress and maybe even a schmitty shot.


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