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Sunday, January 13, 2008

resolutions: phase one

wait, it's the second week of january, shouldn't this resolution stuff be over by now? au contraire...i'm just getting warmed up.

phase one for me is strictly based on ufos. when my sis was here over the holidays, she helped me prioritize all that was unfinished and she ranked them in finishing importance. i have no idea how she came up with her order, but it's probably what i would have put them in myself.

over-photoshopped leavesfirst on the list was chevron scarf. check! it's about a mile long but its complete, even blocked and ends woven in. next was the frogging and finishing of my bamboo embossed leaves 2nd sock. done! third is the lonely 2nd roza. she's well underway, possibly to the heel by end of today. roza will be followed by the (very) long languishing must have cardi. seriously, it's all finishing work. i just need to bite the bullet and do it. all this i plan to have done in january.

now things get a little stickier. i am classifying my next 2 projects as wips, rather than ufos. it's a fine line, but i think it will work in this situation. the kristin nicholas gloves are practically a brand new project, colorwork and they are just taking a break while i finish these other things. they are small, but a little complicated for me so i plan to pick them up here and there. when i do work on them, i usually get a good section done, so they should be finished while it's still cool enough to wear them. ofcourse this depends also on how they turn out.

the other wip is bianca's jacket. it's probably about halfway done. i need to really sit down and look at it. but i think it would be fair for it to wait until closer to spring if i swear swear swear on a stack of gorgeous sock yarn to finish it so it can be worn. i think it's a really cute sweater and atleast looks like it's coming out similiar to the picture.

so, as i see it, it's a wide open field come february. i have joined project spectrum or the forum up on ravelry (i guess that's the same thing?!), so i am very excited about that. this is the 3rd year for this awesome idea, and it keeps getting more interesting. thanks, lolly! another resolution was to join some things, so look at me! january 13th and i am practically some sort of born again knitter. now if i could only become more diligent about posting...


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Looking forward to an update at Sheepish Knitting..

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