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Sunday, December 09, 2007

my december post

rozamaybe not. but let's be probably is. it's been 30ish days since my last post, but there has been knitting. and much talk of knitting, and much planning of knitting, even stash it's been a good month. just not for the blog.

i have full blown sss with roza. i loved the pattern and the experience of using 2 circs, but numero uno came out a little snug. it fits, just a little more tightly than some of my other socks. i might have to gifty them to my mom because she's about the only person i know who has narrow feet. plus i think she would like them. anyway, i'll start the second one, but maybe not right away.

kilimi started my kilim gloves and have only gotten this far. colorwork is scary. but i want to get good at it so i can make these and then maybe something crazy like what's finishing up over here.

i'm working on my chevron scarf. it's great mindless knitting and it's growing. i am ready to be done with it so i can start some more new stuff. i want to make something in malabrigio, but i haven't found the perfect sweater. and i am trying to trick myself in finishing my must have cardi so i can start something else fun and cable-y.

in unrelated, yet related, knitting news, it's been really lovely here. almost too warm to knit. we had some cold days that had me all inspired, but they were fleeting. i don't have any christmas knitting gifts planned, so i don't feel that sort of pressure. but i haven't really done much shopping either, so the clock is ticking.
big moe continues to hang in there. he spends his days and nights lounging around. it's hard to tell how good or bad he feels since that's pretty much what he's done for years. he's very perky and happy when i come and give him scratches and anytime a meal is served. so we're just thankful every day we have him. he's such a good kitty.


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re: your comment on my blog - I'm learning to spin at Yarns Etc in Carborro. It's a drive for me - but lots of fun. There is also a guild in the Raleigh area called Twisted Fiber I believe. Feel free to contact me by e-mail if you'd like sgeddes at bellsouth dot net.

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