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Monday, December 31, 2007

sheepish new year

it's hard to believe 2007 is over in just a few hours. i am always filled with anticipation each new year. i am a sucker for all the resolution making and the concept of starting over. this year is no exception. more on that later.

chevron!so to wrap up the new year, i have finally finished something-- my chevron scarf. and it's long, maybe 8 or 9 feet. i guess i got a little carried away. i wanted to use up 2 entire skeins of str and i came pretty close. finally i just had to call it quits though, it was making me crazy.

baaaait was a very sheepish christmas here. my (two) readers may have noticed that i have my own domain now. mr. sheepish gifted it to me. how sweet was that? currently my blogger site is just being forwarded, but one day maybe i'll figure out how to do it another way.

lonely rozaother sheepish items included these funny slippers from my folks, as modeled by me and my sis. sock blockers that i gave myself because i was such a good little sock knitter this year. here they are featuring a lonely roza. my mom couldn't decide if it fit her, so i guess they'll be mine when they are done. and last, but not least, a bit of stash enhancement. because you always need to make sure you have enough yarn.

here's wishing you a very sheepish 2008!


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