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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

maybe knitting would help

there has been some knitting, maybe a little slow and steady, but better than no knitting. and never fear, there has also been a little stash enhancement. i have added 2 lovely skeins of vesper sock yarn to the ever growing yarn collection. and 2 skeins of the elusive sundara sock yarn, thanks to cynthia's diligence. here's my one, lonely hedgerow/project spectrum item.smooshy hedgerows i'm feeling a little bit panicked about project spectrum. i have finished one sock. with any luck i might be able to pull off an entire pair, but i had such bigger plans that that. so at the very least, i figure i can show some stash and other fire type pictures.

many of the yarns have projects set aside for them. it's just all sorts of things keep getting in the way. you know, like working, and riding my horse, dh and friends, life and just plain old laziness. my thought here is just to believe that's okay and not make a bigger deal out of it than it is. noone is going to think less of me, right? but it does bug me.
in just a few minutes i am going to start some mitts and a hat! because who needs a second sock!


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