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Friday, January 26, 2007

stupid, stupid me

2 short rowsi should have never said anything about the first heel until the second one was done. because of this lapse in my judgement, i was struck down by the knitting goddesses. not only did the first attempt of the heel not work out...neither did the fourth. but finally i prevailed and bossed that thang around. i don't exactly know what i was doing wrong, but i can say that the first part of the heel, the wrapping part, went very smoothly. each time. but the untwisting and shuffling stitches around caused a problem multiple times. i am still happy about short rowing, just much more humble. i think with (much) practice this could become my heel of choice. it's neater than my picked up stitches, and only in 2 places did i have some holes. they weren't even big enough to mess with.

i have completed one birthday mitten as of yesterday. i won't post a pic because my sis may see it. which in itself wouldn't be such a big deal except she requested them, so the way they look is the only surprise she gets. i wasn't a bit happy with how the thumb came out on this mitten. i worked it several times. a theme here lately. it's good enough but i am going to see if the second one can be better. at this point i am keeping my fingers crossed it isn't worse. hah.

yesterday i did something crazy. i listened to my first podcast. i don't live under a rock...and i've had an ipod for years...i even knew i could listen right on my computer. i was just being resistent. why?? it's a quirk of my personality, you might say. at any rate, i listened to cast on. i downloaded all 40+ episodes from itunes and started at the beginning. i love them. i love her. i love podcasts. amazing. i am just kicking myself for this. it's going to take me a bit to get caught up, and then i'll be checking out what else i've been missing.


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