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Thursday, December 28, 2006

mice and more

i almost forgot to show you my secret holiday knitting.most of the mice
i heart moeas far as i know, each recipient has enjoyed their gift. all total i made nine, but i forgot to photgraph two of them. the pattern is from stitch and bitch nation and i used 100% wool from my stash and stuffed them with cosmic catnip in empty tea bags that i found at the whole foods. i think they are super cute. no idea how long they'll last though. the action shot is my big sweetie, moe. he's a little older, but when it comes to catnip he can really get goofy (for a few minutes).

rockin' henpeckedthe other really exciting news is after consulting with the all knowing and always helpful cara, i decided to be brave and try my ball winder. woo hoo! what fun that was! here's what i have to show for my efforts...2 lovely balls of henpecked from blue moon fiber arts. my dh gave me one for christmas and coincidentally i already had one in the stash. i thought knee socks would be a good idea, but after winding them i see the dye lots are decidedly different. still pondering what to do about that. but the ball winding part was super exciting. i can't wait to do that again. cara had suggested using scales to split skeins for regular socks, so that may be my next attempt. i have been itching to start some socks for awhile, but i am forcing myself to finish ribby, which is down to just a few inches...i'll post a pic when i block it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

your big kitty looks like he is really enjoying that mouse. i had thought about the dye lots and wondered if that would be an issue - hmm. anyway, gotta go now. dh

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought for sure I would get secret holiday knitting present. Maybe next year :) sc

5:17 PM  

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