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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

complete disappointment

i hate to say it, but i got my cabled hoodie back from the tailor today, and i hate it. i can't say precisely why, but i do. the hood is a little wonky...the zipper is ugly, although it's sewn in quite nicely...the fit is sort of peculiar...and i thought i loved the color, but maybe i don't. why oh why is every sweater i make doomed??? (picture to come when mr. sheepish gets home)headless me
and it makes me super worried because the must have cardi is waiting to be seamed and ribby only has one sleeve left. i want them to be just right, but i am soooo worried they won't be. in fact, not to be all negative or anything, but i will be shocked if they are wearable.

maybe i should stick to socks. and scarves. and secret holiday knitting (which is all finished). and maybe lace. i've been dreaming about lace.

bday part deux
just in case you were dying to know the end of my big day, it went something like dh took me out to a lovely dinner here. we love to eat out, and this was a new place for us. we had these yummy homemade potato chips with blue cheese, gorgonzola and pepper jelly for appetizer and then i had salmon over lentils and spinach for my entree . and then i had a big hunk of cheese cake. plus champagne. plus wine. everything was delightful--the company, food and service. we were stuffed and happy. then i got prezzies. bdays are so much fun. too bad you have to get older.


Blogger Amber said...

For what it's worth, I wasn't too happy with how my my cabled hoodie turned out either, but my ribbi cardi is very nice (if a bit short). I'm chosing to blame Patons pattern, rather than my knitting skills or pattern comprehension skills.

Sounds like a lovely birthday dinner.

5:09 PM  

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