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Thursday, December 14, 2006

happy birthday to me!

1 dozenlet the spoiling begin...

lookie what my parents sent me! they are festive without being too christmas-y which is definitely a fine line this time of year. and it's always fun to get flowers. i can't even remember the last time i got any. in case it isn't clear in the picture, besides red and white, 4 of the roses are a really cool chartreuse color. many thanks mom and dad!

blue blenkoand the lovely blue decanter on the right is from my sister. it's blenko which we love. and it's frosty, which is sort of unusual. i've put it in what i hope is a peepers free zone. keeping my fingers crossed, anyway.

new stashnot necessarily for my birthday, but just because i was near my lys, i did a teeny bit of stash enhancement. i think i'll use the manos for a scarf out of last minute knitted gifts, and ofcourse the sock yarn will be for socks for me. i am itching to start the socks, but i am still working on my gift knitting. i have 9 goodies to make, and i have made 3. i am going to work on them today so hopefully i can pass the halfway mark. i need to mail 5 out on monday. and i can't forget about poor neglected ribby.

about timeone uber productive thing i did today was take this cardigan from like a year ago to get a zipper put in. crazy, i know. i do think i'll wear it. i'll put it on for you when it's 100% done.

so, off to enjoy the rest of my most favorite day.


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