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Friday, January 19, 2007

still waiting

so the middle of january has already passed and still no resolutions. i'm getting to them. i've just been so taken with knitting lately, i don't want to sit down and perfect my list.

mentalfirst up, my mental breakdown socks are complete. i couldn't have done it without cara. she made me believe i could figure out the math and the gauge and all that. and i did and it worked. my only complaint would be that these are a little thick to wear with my regular danskos, but they fit fine with my birks and my paddock boots. and they'll be super toasty at the barn. next time i know to get the light weight socks that rock. and there will be a next time.

best colorway everin fact, their thickness did not stop me from immediately casting on a second pair. this is in the str colorway rocktober. i love these colors. love. the pattern is this from magknits. the pattern calls for short row heels and i just may be feeling crazy enough to try them. the beautiful yarn is making them go too quickly, if there is such a thing. i woke up this morning and started working on them while i was still under the covers. did i mention i love this colorway?

i went today to my lys and bought i few things for some other small projects. i am totally grooving on small projects lately. i also signed up and paid for a finishing class. it's on 1/29. i have my ribby that is halfway sewn together then i screwed up sewing in the arm, and my must have cardi pieces. i thought maybe a class would be just the thing to bump up my confidence. sometimes i'm not even sure i weave in ends properly. i'm really psyched.

mittens for muvie
these mittens will be for my sis. i have made several pairs of these mittens before and they are super cute and quick. she's requested pink and her bday is 2/1, so i think i can make these in time to be part of her bday goodies. wool makes her really itchy, so i opted for this super soft misti alpaca. i think she'll approve. i stupidly showed her these and she loved them...but i wanted her to be able to wear them this winter and most likely they would take me a (long) while. they are on the list. maybe christmas 2007.

scarf for methis scarf is probably for me. i got a cute jacket from land's end for christmas and i think these colors would look great with it. not complicated one bit and i love the long fringe.

tomorrow my dad and i are driving to see my grandfather for his 94th (95th?) bday. we are going to have cupcakes and then go underpants shopping for him. sounds like fun. the cupcake part anyway. i'll get plenty of good knitting time because my dad always drives. yay.


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