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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

beginner's luck

short rows are funplus a great short-row tutorial. thanks alison! and here's what i've got so far. i had no idea you didn't have to pick up stitches on a short row heel. the picking up is where i always stall out, so this was a treat. the first heel i started and finished late at night, and i almost had to wake up mr. sheepish because i was so excited when i was finished. i couldn't quit giggling. and i'm not even positive this is how it's supposed to was just so cool. i chickened out when it came to the toes and did my regular old faithfuls. maybe next time. i didn't want my brain to implode from all the thinking.

another cool thing is that my camera broke. ok that's not really a cool thing. but the fact that i found the replacement door on ebay for $10.95 plus $1 shipping when canon wanted to charge me $130 is pretty cool. it came yesterday and dh had it installed in no time. works like a charm and with all that money we saved, more yarn for me.

close upi'm going to finish my second heel today. i have my fingers crossed it will come out the same as the first one (or better) and that i will still be all giggly. i see a couple of places where the stitches look a little wonky, so maybe i can figure out how to neaten those up.


Blogger Amber said...

I love short row heals! I've only done one sock with a flap/gusset, and it was fine, but I just adore short rows (I like short row toes for toe-up socks, but for cuff down I prefer grafting. I'm odd).

2:08 PM  

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