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Friday, January 05, 2007

socks happen

yummyso...i was itching to start a pair of socks, and i did...and they are finished. this has to be some sort of crazy record for me. the first one was done super fast, then i caught a cold and was just too yucky feeling to get started on the second one. still, all total these socks spent only 7 days on the needles. i feel like some sort of knitting super hero. maybe i'll knit me a cape. an effort to continue procrastinating on finishing my 2 beautifully blocked sweaters i am planning on starting a second pair of socks. these are going to be in the socks that rock colorway gunmetal gray. it's a very lightly variegated gray. i want to pick a sock that has pattern to it rather than my plain old ribbed version. i pulled out a giant stack of interweaves and i plan to comb knitty. i am interested in both monkey and pomatomus but they might be too complicated.

my resolutions have been marinating and will be ready to post this weekend. i know everyone is on pins and knitting needles wondering how in the world i resolve to make me better. each year it's basically a redux of the previous year with more detail. so this one is pretty detailed. lots of categories and subsets. do note-- i never feel bad about not doing everything. especially for the knitting, it's really just list of ideas i can refer back to.


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