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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


part one of the holidays is over! things were very festive here at chez sis and her beau were over for snacks and prezzies and spent the night one of the nights...friends stopped by for more snacks another evening...then it was off to mr. sheepish's parents for the day and then the next day was all of my family visiting my granddad at the retirement home. good times and good food and good gifts! yesterday was our lazy day. i've pretty much had my fill of holiday food which works out well since ye olde new year is right around the corner. and i love to make resolutions...

strangely, i haven't worked on my resolution list at all yet, but be certain there will be knitting, health stuff and the biggie is procuring gainful employment. i have been interviewing since i got out of school in july, and for various reasons ($$ and commute have been the deal breakers), turned down a couple of really great sounding opportunities. i plan to be super focused and and make it happen asap! stay tuned.

on the prezzie front i did get a ball winder, a blocking board, a swift and 2 skeins of socks that rock and some cool knitting books!!! a very fiberly holiday, indeed. i haven't tried the ball winder yet, but i think i will get my nerve up today. not really sure how to approach the sock yarn. should i wind it in 2 balls or 1 big one? i might have to check some blogs for ideas.

heading to the barn and then to knit! cheers.


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