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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

in recovery

i'm back! columbia was super.good.times. but it's taken me a few days to collect myself and more specifically detox. i got to see all of my peeps, and i even met a new one, knitter john. i wish he and bob would start a blog. they have some great projects going on and more importantly they are cute and funny! do it, do it, please, fellas!

so to recap, there was a tiny bit of knitting, but mostly visiting, eating, drinking and other activities like pedis and the symphony. i got home on friday and it seems the holidays are upon us. and naturally with all of my spare time, i haven't done a thing. i feel more than a little panicky.

but there has been knitting. i am 2/3's done with ribby. i can't believe how fast it's going. i am worried about finishing it, mainly because the pieces are shaped a bit differently than the ones i am used to working with. and honestly i don't finish that well. my everyday cardi is in pieces shoved in my closet. my main reason why, i keep telling myself, is because i am expecting a blocking board for christmas. i could use the floor, but it seems to stay covered with a plethora of cat hair. i do vaccuum. but honestly not that often. so i think a blocking board is a great idea and hope santa thought that too. here is real proof i have been knitting. the color is medium accurate. the yarn color is more brown than gray, but you get the idea. that's a piece of a sleeve sitting on top.
starting immediately i am back to my regularly scheduled knitting. and other stuff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle, it was great to meet you!

And ribby looks great in person. I like the color very much.


2:30 PM  

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