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Thursday, November 23, 2006

gobble gobble

it's thanksgiving and there is much to be thankful for here at sheepish. for one thing, i just left sleeve island on the soon to be finished must have cardi! i can hardly believe it. it looks as though i may finish a sweater. and upon finishing i am going to start ribby. i had scheduled my start date for january 1, but it looks like i am ahead of the game. that's just insane. ofcourse it did take me nearly a year to get this far on the must have. i took a break in the middle, but still. i am going to block tomorrow and hopefully seam by the end of the weekend. but i'm not swearing on my stack of knitting books or anything drastic like that.

another sheepish thing i am thankful for is that we didn't suffer any unfixable damage from the crazy storm we had here in nc. the winds were amazing. the kitties were very upset and spent most of the time hiding. peepers still seems a little disturbed. a tree down is all the damage we had, and considering if it had fallen in the other direction it would be in the den, i'm not feeling too upset about it.

today we are off to my sister's for a clayton style thanksgiving. it's only 30 minutes away. we're lucky because pretty much all of our holiday travels keep us in north carolina. the downside is it is sometimes it's still impossible to fit everyone in. so we just do the best we can. my parents will be there as well as my sister's beau. a small gathering for a big feast. since i am the only vegetarian, i am bringing dishes that will assure i eat a more balanced meal than just rolls and taters. although, that would be a perfectly fine meal too.

on tuesday i am leaving to visit my columbia schmoos and will be gone until the end of the week. i am taking some stash to share with my knitting schmoos sonya and bob. i hope they'll find some things they can use. aside from knitting there will be tennis, the symphony, more visiting, eating and ofcourse the wine. it flows like water in columbia.

some pics after the feast.


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