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Saturday, November 25, 2006

some pics

poor treehere is the tree that came down a couple days ago when the weather was so extreme. you can't tell by the picture, but there is a big portion on the ground that i couldn't fit in the picture. it still has needles and everything on it, so i think the tree was healthy just couldn't stand up to the wind. pines can be a problem around here with the wind and the ice. this was the last one left in our yard. hopefully we'll be able to get the rest of it taken down this week. it looks sort of sad.

rudythis is a picture from tgiving of my sister's cat, rudy. he liked sitting in her seat, but he refrained from jumping on the table. what restraint, in fact more than a certain kitty here could muster. in person, rudy's eyes aren't quite so demonic...although, he is... just a little.

martha would be proudand this is just a better shot of the table. muvie had the cutest turkey napkin rings and a very martha centerpiece. the food was delicious and the company was good. all in all an a+ kickoff to the holiday season.

my eighth pairand finally. these are my finished basic socks (pattern from here) in lorna's laces colorway glenwood. i finished them at the end of our vacation, but never posted the entire pair. they've grown on me. at first i didn't love the way the colors looked knitted as much as i did in the skein, but i seem to be sort of over that. the left sock has fatter sections of color, so i know it's the one i knitted on vacation. the right one is the one i worked on when we were putting my grand dad in retirement home.

tomorrow i am going to astound you with my progress on ribby. be prepared to be blown away!


Anonymous Brett P. said...

Muvie told me about your blog and I enjoyed taking the accent quiz. I am definitely a "Midland"-er, being from Ohio.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous The Hawk said...

So Peterman's visiting your blog now?

Love the pictures from Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun having you and Ben over. Next time we'll break out the Monopoly.

Rudy looks evil in that picture. He's saying, "get that camera out of my face RIGHT NOW".


8:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sheepish,

Those socks are GREAT !!

-knitter John

4:51 PM  

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