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Monday, December 11, 2006

secret holiday knitting

it's only the teeniest little bit...but it's going really well. i promise a picture as soon as the gifts are gifted. it's multiples, but they are all the same, aside from yarn. i could probably post them when they are done without too much worry. i'll decide later.

i left sleeve island with one sleeve complete. perhaps a fatal error, we'll see when i come back to it. i am psyched though, as it seems i may get to wear ribby in early 2007.

i have a bit of shopping and a bit of decorating to do. we don't do a tree because we have peepers instead. she's bad bad bad and no tree or ornament should have to suffer through peepers. we do lights outside and stockings and stuff like that though, so it isn't totally scrooged here at chez sheepish.

more later. ho ho ho.


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