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Thursday, November 16, 2006

back to the mainland

it feels like i've been gone forever! hawaii was fun. the weather was just perfect, we didn't have a single rainy day. we only covered 2 islands, ohau and kahaui. i have to admit i was shocked at what a bustling ciy honolulu is and how much incredible shopping there was. that i didn't do, i might add. but anything you could think of-chanel, hermes, marc jacobs-one fancy schmancy shop after the next. kauai was more my speed, laid back and rustic. so without further ado, here is my hawaiian knitting.

diamond head in the backgroundon the trip there i nearly finished this sleeve. here the sleeve is looking over the balcony of the halikulani. i think i still had the last little bit of decreases left, but you get the idea. the plane ride was perfect for uninterupted knitting. i can't remember exactly how long the flight was, but i think it was close to 8 hours and i had already cast on, done the ribbing and the first 4 rows of the pattern. so roughly 8 hours equals 20ish inches. i don't know if that's good or not.

relaxingand this is my second socktober sock. in this picture it is enjoying the breeze on the small beach in front of our condo in kauai, just after i turned the heel. it's actually finished now.

the funny thing about socks is i can usually remember what i was doing when i was knitting them. so this one is all hawaii and vacation and relaxation. it's mate, the one i actually finished in october, i worked on mostly on the drive to and from moving my grandfather into an assisted living place. sort of a strange mix for a pair. bittersweet would be the right word, i think. on the hawaiian one i experienced my first bit of pooling. i have made more stripey socks than varigated, so i was curious to see. and truly they match well enough and i don't feel that strongly they be identical.

for my flight home knitting i had really planned to complete the 2nd sleeve of my must have cardi. but ultimately that proved to be just a little too ambitious. it was a red-eye flight and i ended up snoozing most of the way. and then again from dallas to north carolina. if i had finished it, that would have been a sheepish travel first. i usually pack way too much knitting and do very little. this time i packed a reasonable amount and did a fair bit of it. i am so proud.

aloha vacation.


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