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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


so here's something i discovered. i don't like knitting on a deadline. at all. here i am all the way done with one mitten, and i can't bear to start the second one. what's up with that?? it seems that the schedule has taken all the fun out of the process. isn't that silly?

on a different note, i am so looking forward to my knitting weekend retreat in wilmington. i am taking some vesper sock yarn from kpixie to start some socks, my gorgeous handspun from britta and my must have cardi back, and i suppose my pirate mitten. too much? probably, but i want to make sure all my bases are covered. we have our menus (and beverages) all planned and we are shopping and lunching out on saturday. hopefully we'll even find a minute to walk on the beach. it's supposed to be cold but not too freezing. oh and i am looking up the lys as i type.

also, today a very sweet collie wandered up to my house and stayed. i named her mollie. i had to board her at the vet tonight since the kitties wouldn't really let her hang out. i am in hopes that someone will claim her tomorrow. i called the neighbors, but noone knew of her. i have posted info at the spca and the county lost and found and the local vet. my dh assures me that if worse comes to worst we can keep her. she seems to have a sight problem, not blind, but maybe very farsighted. i am stopping by first thing in the morning to snap a pic for her flyer, so i'll post it here too. she's precious.


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