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Saturday, February 11, 2006

citius, altius, fortius

little cuffopening ceremonies went off without a hitch. i was tired, but waited until the actual time they started on nbc, so i had time to rest and have dinner before i actually got underway. and this is how far i got before i had to call it a day. i knitted just under two hours. i am not very fast. but i got a feel for the two color thing and that helped my confidence.

big moehere's my coach summing up my progress. as you can see, he is all about swifter, higher, stronger.

and here's today's progress! all i am lacking for being done with one mitten is a thumb and some loose ends.knit me a matey
can you believe it? overall i think it looks pretty good. i am a little worried about the thumb, as the live stitches on the top weren't as obvious as the ones on the bottom. and there are a few little weird spots. but overall the tension seems pretty even. and they fit. the weird thing about today was they were calling for bad weather, and i had really gotten everything taken care of, so i didn't have much standing in the way of me and my olympic mitten...tomorrow and the rest of this week will be an entirely different story. tomorrow i have to do homework, at the very least. and i am going out of town this weekend. it is supposed to be a knitting weekend with my schmoo. but usually some wine is involved, and i don't know how that will work with following a pattern. or actually, i am positive how that will turn out. so with any luck, i could probably squeeze in casting on tomorrow. and then i'll have to take a break.


Anonymous Cara said...

The mitten looks great! I am very, very jealous. ;-)

12:27 PM  

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